Quality Policy

Why We Exist (OUR MISSION)

In order to create, operate and develop computer and information systems in all works undertaken by our company in accordance with the rules defined by law and current technologies;
• To provide quality products and services by protecting the interests of our country and customers,
• To ensure the satisfaction of our employees and customers,
• To indirectly contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of individuals,
• To be instrumental in keeping the quality of services offered by our customers at the highest level.

Where We Will Reach in the Future (OUR VISION)

• Continuously improving the information systems it has established,
• The products and services it offers are viewed with confidence,
• To be Turkey's exemplary organization in the IT sector with its projects.

Our Quality Policy

Constantly improving the conditions required by the Quality Management System, in line with this purpose;
• Using advanced technological infrastructure and constantly updating it
• Long-term cooperation with our customers, suppliers and employees,
• Demonstrates a solution-oriented service approach and principled approach,
• Creating and constantly improving the corporate structure that will make all of our business processes constantly effective,
• Working with staff who have advanced knowledge and experience and are experts in their fields,
• Providing services by taking into account the legal and other conditions that our customers must comply with,
• Achieving the set quality targets at the highest level and always aiming forward,
• Carrying out activities aimed at employee and customer happiness.
Being a modern, reliable organization that treats our environment, customers, staff and business partners with respect and "being a brand identified with quality" constitutes the quality policy of our company.

Our Quality Goal

• Making regular measurements of customer satisfaction and increasing customer satisfaction,
• To carry out at least 1 state-supported R&D project every year,
• To publish at least 1 academic publication every year,
• To increase the number of postgraduate students and graduates,
• To increase the number of customers by at least 25% compared to the previous year,
• Reducing non-conformance rates by 10%.
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