Business Continuity Policy

Teracity Software Technologies Ltd.Şti has prepared plans to ensure that critical services within the scope of service are not interrupted in the event of a crisis or disaster and to ensure continuity. The aim is to minimize the interruption of services and to ensure that the service returns to normal in line with the priorities determined.
•  To take and implement measures to secure human life,

•  Identifying threats that will disrupt business continuity and taking measures to reduce their effects,

•  To fulfill the requirements and protect the interests of our suppliers, customers, partners, employees and legal authorities,

•  To make critical services normal and functional as soon as possible,

•  To provide the necessary resources to the controls and to ensure their continuity,

•  All personnel and business partners; To provide awareness, training and encouragement to ensure participation and compliance with ISMS as required by the holistic approach obligation of information security,

•  To control, monitor and review the efficiency of ISMS through internal and external audits and to constantly harmonize and improve the system; It is our Business Continuity Policy.
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