Smart Revenue Enhancement System

Intelligent Revenue Augmentation System (AGAS)

The Smart Revenue Enhancement System aims to organize and improve the incomplete and inconsistent information in the municipal database, including registration and declaration information, by analyzing it with data mining techniques, thus ensuring fairness and justice in tax collection, identifying and preventing lost and illegal resources and increasing revenues.

The taxpayer registry and declaration structure, which is the cornerstone of the revenue and service infrastructure in the existing information system of municipalities, may contain incomplete, repetitive and incorrect information due to various reasons over the years, thus preventing the formation of a consistent structure within itself.

Inconsistent and distorted registration and declaration structures can lead to losses and evasion, which in turn can lead to inequitable tax collection and revenue losses. It may also lead to disruption and dissatisfaction in the services provided to taxpayers both at the service desk and e-Municipality services.
It is not possible to manually examine the registry data produced by the municipal units over the years and the declaration data (real estate, land, land, etc.) that constitute the basis for taxation, to identify the missing and incorrect ones, to correct this information and to reflect it to the accruals. Even if this is done manually, it will not be efficient and economical when the human factor and the possibility of making mistakes, as well as the total time it will take and the cost of the teams to be formed are calculated. For this reason, it is seen that the success rate of the desired revenue and service increase may be low by performing this process manually, and therefore it is not possible to ensure fairness and equity in tax collection.

The software incorporates data mining technologies (using Outlier and Clustering algorithms to identify hidden relationships in the database) to identify inconsistencies in registry and declaration structures and to analyze, organize and improve their structure. Software features;
  1. Within the scope of the need for the regulation of Advertisement Advertisement and Building Declarations, it can ensure that the data is controlled, arranged and accrued correctly in the information systems environment.

  2. Registry checks can be made from TAKPAS Services by making a pension exemption inquiry within the scope of Law No. 6183.

  3. It can analyze on the basis of Real Estate and Island-Parcel.

  4. Controlled and collective declaration corrections can be made and the transactions can be reversed if desired.

  5. Querying and editing processes can be performed within the scope of the criteria selected in the building declaration data (Neighborhood, Cadde Street, Real Estate Construction Class, Real Estate Construction Type, Elevator, Heating, etc.).

  6. As a result of the arrangements made, accruals can be calculated according to the year to be determined by the administration.

  7. It can compare the declaration records and accruals entered into the regulation as a result of the transactions made.

As a result, it is possible to provide municipal services in accordance with the norms and standards determined, to ensure that the services are carried out more efficiently, reliably, timely and economically with more appropriate results in accordance with the current technology, to improve the quality of corporate service, to ensure fairness and revenue increase in tax collection with the correct registry and declaration structure with the Smart Revenue Increase System.
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