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"For E-Transformation"
Process and Artificial Intelligence Based Integrated Tools

Bilimp is a Management Information System developed for all organizations and companies regardless of sector. It provides integrated team, project and business management and increases employee productivity.

Bilimp consists of a basic package and additional work tools that can be added to the basic package as needed. Eliminates the need to use multiple software.

Integrated tools technology reduces costs and increases performance with its natural integration feature.

City Management Information System of the Future

TeraMIS is Turkey's first web-based municipal management information system software developed for municipalities.

It integrates with numerous e-government agencies, banks, prepaid systems, remote reading systems and GIS applications. It provides a high level of information security with detailed log structure and advanced authorization.

The e-municipality solution, where municipal services are provided online, provides multi-language support. In this way, it also eliminates the communication problem for people who do not speak Turkish but benefit from municipal services.

Process-Based Personal Data Management is a digital platform that manages your Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (KVKK) processes for you.

It facilitates the legal and technical processes required for KVKK compliance in organizations and companies. Provides a sustainable structure. It is the most comprehensive software developed in this field.

It provides disclosure and explicit consent processes for different groups of interested persons through language options and different media such as tablets, websites, e-mail, SMS.

Process Based and Integrated Organized Industrial Zones Management Information System

TeraOSB is a management information system software developed for Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ). While managing all corporate processes of OIZs such as electricity, natural gas and water subscriber management, invoicing, collection, inventory, fixture and procurement management, licensing, it also offers productivity-oriented business tools such as task management, appointment/calendar and meeting management.

It works in integration with e-government institutions, remote payment systems and GIS applications. Creates an effective communication environment with participants.

Visitor, Meeting and Communication Management

Provimes is visitor, meeting and contact management software. It allows you to make a professional impression on your guests from the moment you invite them to a meeting.

It offers an easy and fast recording environment that complies with KVKK and OHS laws. Increases the efficiency of meeting rooms and meetings.

It facilitates the tracking of all incoming and outgoing cargo and documents. Provides meeting business, external, visitor registration, catering panel software developed for Android tablets.

Electronic Document and Process Management System

Teradesk is a process-based electronic document management system software. It ensures that the entire lifecycle of the document, from its creation to its relationship with other documents and its liquidation, is managed electronically.

Unlike similar products, it includes numerous features customized for municipalities.

By working integrated with TeraMIS product, it enables many municipal management information system documents to be signed with e-signature and mobile signature and shortens the signature processes.
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