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About Teracity

Since 1986, Teracity has been a manufacturer company in the Turkish software industry and has been producing software in the field of Management Information Systems (MIS) for the E-Turkey transformation.

In the public sector, Teracity has achieved many firsts in Turkey, especially e-collection in the field of municipalities with the "City Management Information System" technology developed with state-funded R&D projects, and has pioneered dozens of important applications that facilitate human life in the management of cities in Turkey. 21. In the focus of Teracity software, which foresees that the definition of "digital life" has a strategic value for the cities of the century; "Artificial Intelligence Technologies that Make Life Easier" and "End-to-End (Integrated) System" concepts for Citizens and City Managers in the Cities of the Future. Teracity Technologies, which has received many awards with many firsts developed in the sector so far, continues to produce smart technologies for "More Livable Cities" both in Turkey and in the world. For more than 20 years, millions of citizens living in Turkey have been able to do their work without going to the municipality thanks to more than 80 E-Municipality applications produced by Teracity. For decades, Teracity has succeeded in providing uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to millions of people in Turkey and thousands of public sector employees.

Teracity has started to produce Management Information Systems and E-transformation solutions for private sector companies and Organized Industrial Zones since 2016 thanks to its long years of public sector experience. In the short time that has passed; the technologies produced by Teracity have been used successfully and with a high degree of satisfaction by thousands of users in Turkey's well-established private sector companies.

TeraMIS, TeraDESK, Bilimp, Provimes, TeraOSB, KVKK.biz products, which have trademark registrations and patent and utility model protection in many areas, have "Domestic Goods" and "Technological Product" certificates. These products are manufactured and certified in accordance with the technologies and standards ( ISO 15504 SPICE, ISO 9001, ISO27001 ) accepted by the World Software Industry.

Teracity, which aims to set the bar a little higher every day in the field of Technologies it develops; Since 2015, it has been approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and continues its activities as a "Software R&D Center" within the scope of Law No. 5746. It provides an uninterrupted service with its own offices in Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir and experienced business partners throughout Turkey.

Teracity is moving step by step towards its goal of carrying its advanced technology vision and service understanding based on the principle of high satisfaction, which it has developed for the Turkish market for decades, to the world markets. It has completed all the necessary preparations for its export journey, especially the state-supported clusters (Hiser), and continues to work to take part in the European market, the US and African markets.
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