Face Recognition

Visitor Monitoring and Demographic Analysis with Face Recognition Technology

Our project is a face detection recognition and demographic analysis project with deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies. It was developed as an R&D project supported by TUBITAK. In the project, visitors to the institutions were subjected to a face detection and recognition system. The product provides advantages such as increasing the level of security in public and strategically important private or public institutions, reducing the number of personnel needed at entry points, reducing security gaps caused by personnel, and identifying the target audience according to demographic analysis results. At the end of the project, our product was commercialized under the name Teravision. Teravision
  • Face Detection,
  • Face recognition,
  • Age/Gender Analysis
is a WebApi application that runs on the http protocol and uses deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.
Bilimp and Provimes products developed by our company are integrated into visitor management business tools. At the same time, it has been developed to be integrated with different products with its service-based structure.

In the visitor management application, visitors coming to the institution are subjected to a face recognition and detection system. The incoming visitor's face is matched and it is checked whether he/she is among the visitors expected by the organization. Entry definitions for different visitor types are also available in the application. In this way, if the visitor is a VIP visitor, fast passage is provided, and a notification is sent to the security point when the banned visitor tries to enter.

The product also provides statistical reports containing demographic data of visitors to the organization.
Figure_1_Visitor Face Detection and Recognition
Figure_2_Examples of Demographic Data Analysis
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